Welcome to my Ministerial Packet.  You'll find here representative work from my ministries so far, as well as information about my own life journey and my family.  I'm happy to share with you my passion for ministry and for that ineffable "something" that happens when people come together to worship, to learn, and to care for each other.

You can find everything from this page.  The first column covers my life journey on the road to ministry; the second includes a description of my ministerial internship at Arlington Street Church and the Church of the Larger Fellowship, and my service at Second Parish in Hingham; and the last column lists some of my other passions.

I believe Unitarian Universalism can transform lives.  Our saving message - that everyone has inherent worth and dignity, and that we can work together to heal the world - is needed today more than ever.  I'm proud to be a leader in this our shared faith.
My Journey (so far)

I've been fortunate to have had fairly wide experience in my careers.  I started out as a middle school teacher in New York City for ten years, then became a computer consultant for a variety of small businesses and the American Stock Exchange, where I became an executive in the computer subsidiary.  Toward the end of that career, I realized that my varied life and career experiences had been preparing me for ministry -- something I had been drawn to from the time I was growing up on a farm in Wisconsin.

Here are some aspects of my journey to ministry:

BIOGRAPHY:  On the Way to Ministry


Denominational and Interfaith Activities

Greetings from my wife, Deedee Agee Sprecher
My Ministry

I prepared for ministry by attending New York Theological Seminary while I continued to work full time. I graduated in May of 2005, took early retirement in June of 2005, and my wife and I sold our house in July of 2005 to move to Boston for ministerial internships at Arlington Street Church and the Church of the Larger Fellowship.  In 2006, I was called to Second Parish in Hingham, where I served until 2013. 

Here's a brief description of my ministry there, and below are links to some of the fruits of this ministry:

Worship is central to the life of every congregation, and opens us to ultimacy. 

Communication is one of the keys to maintaining and expanding any congregation.  During my years at Second Parish, we updated our website, started a Facebook group, and launched a Weekly Update using Constant Contact -- and of course continued our monthly newsletter.

Classes, small groups and informal gatherings provide intimacy as a context for deepening faith, broadening perspectives, strengthening friendships in congregations.

Social Action takes the mission of the the congregation to the broader community, and spreads our good news beyond our four walls. 

And also....

My wife Deedee & I have two sons, David, 30, an artist trying to break through in Chicago, and Sean, 28, a musician trying to break through in Boston.

Other passions include:

 - our wonderful golden retriever Annie -- who's all grown up now, and our kittens;

- playing guitar (trying to get back to at least the minimal level of skill I had over 30 years ago!).  Here's a song I wrote way back then:  Suffering

- history, especially of Unitarian Universalism, including service as Scribe of the Ministerial Conference in Berry Street and Treasurer of the UU History and Heritage Society

- serving as Trustee of the James Agee Trust since 2002.  The Trust is responsible for the literary legacy of James Agee, author of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, A Death in the Family, African Queen, and many other works. 

Here are more details about the Trust.