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Denominational and Interfaith Activities

- Have served since 2006 as Scribe of the Ministerial Conference in Berry Street, which has sponsored a lecture series for Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist ministers since 1820.
- Have served as a member of the board and Treasurer of the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society since 2006.
- Served as a member of the Ballou Channing District Board 2008-2010, and as president from April 2010-June 2011.
- Have participated in each General Assembly and national gathering of Unitarian Universalist ministers since become a candidate for the ministry.
- Active member of Hingham Hull Religious Leaders’ Association (HHRLA); President 2008-2009, Secretary 2012-2013.
•    Organized “Hot Topics” discussions with interfaith colleagues in Hingham and Hull to model respectful dialog on difficult ethical and religious topics including leaders from Roman Catholic, Baptist, Episcopalian, Baha’i, Church of the Nazarene, Jewish and Unitarian traditions, among others.
•    Participated in Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve services in Hingham, preaching the sermon the year I was president of HHRLA.
•    Participated in several Linden Ponds Faith Forums – explorations of spirituality and community – as a panelist representing Unitarian Universalism.
•    Have taught classes to an interfaith group at Linden Ponds over the past six years.
•    With interfaith colleagues, co-taught course on the Dead Sea Scrolls for the Hingham community sponsored by HHRLA in the fall of 2011.
•    Co-taught similar course on Interfaith Perspectives on the New Testament in the fall of 2012.
•    Co-led interfaith trip to Israel April-May 2012.
- Taught course on “Age-ing to Sage-ing” at the Hingham Senior Center Spring 2012.
- Member, Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ (USR), 1992-2006:
•    Member & Facilitator of Men’s Groups, 1994-2002
•    Instructor (co-teaching with my wife Deedee) for About Your Sexuality (Predecessor to “Our Whole Lives” sexuality curriculum), 1995-1996
•    Adult RE Committee Chair (and frequent teacher and group leader), 1998-2001   
•    Library Committee Chair, 1996-1998
•    Field Placement for Supervised Ministry 15 hours/week, 2003-2004
•    Small Group Ministry Initiation and Group Facilitation, 2003-2005
•    Coming of Age Mentor, 2004
-    Led Small Group Ministry group at General Assembly, 2003
-    Attended the national kickoff meeting of the Network of Spiritual Progressives in 2005 and have continued to participate in their work in religion and politics as a member as well as helping to facilitate local gatherings.
-    Participated in “Visions of Human Wholeness:  Religion and Social Justice,” a Seminarians Interacting Workshop sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice with seminarians from Muslim, Roman Catholic, Christian Orthodox, and African-American Christian seminaries, March 25-28, 2001
-    Member of Ridgewood Interfaith Ministers Association, 2003-2004
-    Attended retreat on Issues of Interfaith  Conflict with Ridgewood Ministers Association, 2003
-    Participated in Ridgewood Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve, 2003
-    Participated in Ridgewood Interfaith Holocaust Remembrance Service, 2004
- New York Theological Seminary Student Association Treasurer, 2000-2002
- Ridgewood Board of Education Electronic Village Initiative, 1994
- 4th Wall Repertory Company, New York:  Musician, Actor, Writer, Stage Manager, Lighting Crew, Sound Crew, Building Acquisition Project, Print Crew, 1976-1986