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Unitarian Universalist History

I am an avid fan of American and World history in general (I taught US History to 7th Graders for 10 years); and I'm especially drawn to the background and history of Unitarian Universalism.  I think that understanding and providing historical perspective in an easily understood manner is important for grounding our congregants in the broader stream of human history.  It also helps all of us to remember that the present is
John Haynes Holmes
not the pinnacle and destination of human endeavor on this earth, but only a way station on the human journey that stretches far into the future.

As part of my study of UU History in seminary, I developed this biography of John Haynes Holmes for the online Dictionary of UU Biography (DUUB).  The DUUB is one of the project of the Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society, which I have served as treasurer since 2007.

I worked with a group from the UU Ministers Association for several years searching out essays delivered by our ministers to the Berry Street Conference, a gathering of ministers launched by William Ellery Channing in 1820 and meeting annually since then.  I have been Scribe of the Conference for the past six years.  The fruits of our recovery efforts are now available on the Berry Street Essay web site.